Telemann Urtext


Sonatas (Duets) for Two Flutes Op. 2

Wiener Urtext Edition
Telemann duets

This new performing edition of Telemann’s duets for flute (or violin) op. 2 deserves to become the new standard edition for flautists. The edition is immaculately produced in every way, from its creamy paper to the clean, classic typesetting. Supplementary materials  include an extended preface which discusses the duets’ history, provenance, and their relationship to Quantz’ duets. Valid editorial justification is given for presenting the duets in treble clef only (leaving out the originally-included French violin clef, which few modern players read). There is also a very useful set of Notes on Interpretation, which covers trills, articulation, vibrato and dynamics, and rhythm and meter. These will be very valuable to the player seeking guidance on appropriate baroque performance practice. The score itself is extremely well-constructed, so as to avoid all page turns. Many include blank pages to allow for double spreads, and those movements which extend to three pages are printed on fold-out pages. Detailed critical notes at the end of the edition provide useful source information and evaluation, as well as bar-by-bar comments and corrections.

This core repertoire should be in every flute players’ library. It is likely that most readers already own an edition of one sort or another (looking on my shelves while writing this, I notice that in fact I have four different editions), however, I would urge anyone to purchase this particular volume. Even if you already have these sonatas, you will gain a great deal in both knowledge and ease of performance by working from such an excellently produced and pleasing edition.



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